23 April 2007


Neil and I haven't been on many holidays together over the time we have known each other, but we have done some short trips. We been on some bushwalks:
  • Wonangatta Valley (1994)
  • Willsons Prom (1994)
  • Brisbane Ranges (1995?)
  • Grampians (1994, 1995 and others)
  • Victorian High Plains (various)
Other trips for the weekend include
  • a number of Jag Car Club (S-type register) trips
  • mystry flight to Sydney (Aug 1995)
  • Port Fairy
We also had a week long holiday in the MX5 (ie: Tiny car) along the volcano trail in western Victoria in September 2003. The only other one I can think of was a work trip to Brisbane in May 2005 that I had that we added a few days to either end of, which was fun.
The main reason I have started this blog is for our up comming big trip to Europe. I am so excited, as I have never been OS before.

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