29 March 2009

Day Last - Home again, home again

We're Here!!!! I am so stuffed and so happy to know that I will not be riding my motorcycle again tomorrow. It was a good ride home and we had really yummy hamburgers in Alexandra and I took some photos of the field were the Alex base camp was for the recent fires. Some of the ride home was a little upsetting with all the burnt stuff (we went home over the Black Spur (which incidental isn't as burnt as I was expecting)). We only got stuck behind a few useless people and finally made it to Thornbury! Yay :) I will put in some more posts later (NOT TODAY), with some of my photos

28 March 2009

Day 6 - Castlemain to Albury

Made it! 1938.9 km. I am so glad to be off my bike!
Todays highlights included:
  • An early morning view over the mist filled valley from Mt.Alexandra
    towards Heathcote
  • Dirty roads, some of which I traveled at over 90km/h and included a hole in the road which I dubed "the abortion" bump, cos if you were "with child" before it, you certainly weren't after it
  • A quick stop in the town that hosts top of the river (or what ever) to watch all the snotty private school kids get ready for their regatta
    And finally
  • Lunch in 'Wang' with Steve

Then it was just a quick jaunt up the road to Albury and we're done!!
Except, wait, oh no! What have I forgetten? Yes that's right! We still have to ride all the way back to Melbourne tomorrow!
P.S. Just for any work people who are still reading: I have passed 8 SOBN bores on the side of the road on this trip! Sorry no photos, I was riding.

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27 March 2009

Day 5 - Portland to Castlemain via Hamilton and Beaufort

I have made it, again. But I am very tired and seem to be getting tireder and tireder. The ride was very uneventful apart from:
  • Watching people passing an empty cattle truck so poorly that they pissed it off enough that it then tried to pass them back
  • Visiting the pups at Mum and Dads in Beaufort (I bought the a present in Hamilton) and
  • Being very cold this morning, I couldn't feel my fingers properly until nearly lunch time.
We are in Castlemain tonight in the same hotel Neil and I stayed in many moons ago at an archery tournament. Also it's the opening night of the Castlemain festival tonight but I think I'm too stuffed to go to anything!

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26 March 2009

Day 4 - Portland/Nelson (The rest day)

I am currently sitting on a boat doing a curse cruise up the Glenelg River. After a nice wet ride from Portland to Nelson through much thicker scrub than the last few days we made it here. The whole area is limestone so I have some great shots of geology. The are heaps of funny little fishing huts on the side of the river. This afternoon we only have to go back to Portland. I think we might nip in to South Australia before we head back. I may or may not nip to the headland which was as far as Major Mitchell went (probable will! Even though I feel like I really do need a rest)

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25 March 2009

Day 3 - Casterton to Portland

I have made it. I am completely stuffed. There wasn't much more rain and the roads were good, not many bumps. Our hotel room has a school bus stop right out the front. I hope the kids behave themselves on the morning, although the way I feel now I don't think a bomb will wake me once I'm asleep. Snooze time I think.

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Day 3 - Harrow to Casterton

Driving through the country side to our lunch spot at Warrick Homestead I was very surpried at how lovely I found the country. With the hills spotted with large old trees and sheep and cattle it was really quite pretty. Even though it is very dry.

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Day 3 - Horsham to Harrow

Well we had to have some rain some time. After a stop at Mt.Arappalies, I changed into the wet weathers and we proceeded to get rained on, most of the way to Harrow. I don't think I've been here before. Its a very nice looking town that is quite old. Apparently they have some sort of sound and light show here. Next stop is Warrick Homestead. There may not be any phone reception there either.

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24 March 2009

Day 2 Summary

Start Odometer: 31651.8
End Odometer: 31286.25
Distance Travelled: 365.55

Oh no!

I just washed the windshield of my bike and since I've had two beers, I completely forgot to count the number of bugs!! Oh well, there were soooooo many that I had decided stop counting them. My visor is covered in bugs and dust, but cos there way a few drops of rain that washed a few off. Hmmmmm dusty

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Day 2 - St Aunaud to Horsham

A nice early day today, it's 3:33 pm and we have arrived. This afternoon had heaps of dirty riding and I did all of it. I was amazed how many people didn't do of. I mean most if these people have GS's, they were designed for dirty , and they didn't even try. There were lots of crys of "oh but my bike will get all dusty!" I mean for gods sake! Pathetic! Anyway I had a great day am especially pleased with myself for the dirt part :)

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Day 2 - Kerang to St Arnaud

Today has been lovely so far. The roads have been great, the weather very pleasant and some of the places we have ridden through have been very pretty. My one complaint about this ride would have to be that we aren't following the route closely enough and there have been many Major Mitchell places that have had signs that we haven't stopped at. I mean I know I'm a bit anal about these sorts of things, but if you are meant to be following a trail, then you should follow it!! Oh well, we have decided that we just have do it again, just our selves and follow it better :)
The view from Pyramid Hill was impressive (I really wanted to stop and get a photo, looking towards it, but travelling with a group....), we saw an eagle on a fence post with a dead thing and we have just had an excellent souvlaki for lunch here in St Arnuad. The worst bit about the day so far was been the idiots who have been passing in stupid places.

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23 March 2009

Day 1 Summary

Start Odometer: 31289.25
End Odometer: 31651.8
Distance Travelled: 362.55

Murray Darling Junction
The dirt
on the road

Day 1 - Swan Hill to Kerang

First stop after lunch was the Lake Boga Sea Plane museum. We watched a video about the history of the service place that was there during the last part of WWII. It was quite interesting. From there it was just a quick trip down the road to Kerang, where we are staying for tonight. After a little sleep, we decided to skip the resturant and had cheese and bickies for dinner.

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Day 1 - Mildura to Swan Hill

So here we are sitting in sunny swan Hill., next to a Major Mitchel stopped here monument. Most of the ride has been quite pleasant, if sometimes a little slow. First stop was the Murray Darling meeting point. Then I aquitted myself very well on the first dirt section (ie: I didn't fall off)
That was traveling down to the Murray where Major Mitchel crossed with
his 100 sheep 5 bullocks etc

Bug count
Bike -32
Visor -9 (but it has been cleaned once)

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22 March 2009

Day 0 Summary

Start Odometer: 31215.2
End Odometer: 31289.25
Distance Travelled: 74.05km

My bike at my old work
My bike at Quick Fix, where is came from
My bike at the Murray Darling junction

Day 0 - Mildura

I did a small tour around some of the sites I used to visit when I lived here. My old work, the shop my motorcycle came from, Merbein, NSW. I also bought sandals, which I managed to forget to pack. All up a good restful day, for me any way....

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21 March 2009

Day -1 Summary

Start Odometer: 30652.3
End Odometer: 31215.2
Distance Travelled: 562.9
My Reserve Tap
Us at big lizzy

Day -1 - Ouyen to Mildura

So, so we made it, we've had dinner and are now veging in our room. Its a bit of a bummer we're not closer into the middle of Mildew, but to be honest I can't be stuffed going out anyway! Tomorrow Neil is planning on going on some mad ride in to NSW. I am planning on buying some thongs.
One the way into town we stopped at Big Lizzy for a photo.
Dinner was a bit of a food barn, but the actual food was quite nice.

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Day -1 - Charlton to Ouyen

Background reading for non-motorcyclists: most motorcycles don't have fuel gauges. They have a reserve switch, when they get low, you switch the switch and then you know its time to get fuel soon. When you fill up, it is vitally important to switch off reserve again.

I was travelling along about 35 km from Ouyen when I though "hmmm bike is running a bit oddly, must be time to go onto reserve." I switched the switch, nothing happened. Turned out I had been running on reserve for about the last two tanks of fuel. Oops. So Neil now needs a present and some sort of reward for syphoning fuel from his bike into mine.

Lesson for today: my bike uses a shit load more fuel than usual when travelling a 120 km/hr

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Day -1 Bendigo to Charlton

Bug count
Bike -6
Visor -4

Lunch was a hamburger. It was ok. I gave tried riding with my headphones it. It seemed to block out all noise except the air/wind noise. Bum

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Day -1 - Melbourne to Bendigo

Bug count
Helmet -1
Bike -1

My sunglasses are polarized, they make the road look pink when I have my visor down. We have passes heaps of old cars participating in the RACV North East Fly the Flag Tour. Not too stiff and sore yet, but give it time.....

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20 March 2009


We are now packed! Yay! Louise is panicking chronically while rushing around like the proverbial headless chook...stuffed into a duck, into a turkey....maybe wrapped in bacon! Mmmm bacon....

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Sorry stevie boy...but it does. Its time to take a stand for those poor, hapless virus writers.

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