24 August 2014

My feet

After a day of caching in inappropriate sandals: 

23 August 2014

Parap market

Talk about kick arse over Mindil. I spent money on pretties

20 August 2014

The story so far: travels in Darwin and Kununurra.

We picked up a hire car:
We looked at some views of Darwin:
We saw some of the war damage:
We saw some jets:
We looked at a big gun emplacement:
We found some caches (of course):
We saw some birds:
I got eaten by a crocodile:
We went to the beach:
We went to a night market:
We went to Kununurra and got another hire car:
We went to the Dam:
There were boab trees:
(editors note: Doing this on the laptop, with no mouse, and slow internet speeds is doing my head in.  I am stopping now.  No more long posts til I get back.  Short one photo posts from now on!)

15 August 2014

quote from Kununarra bar girl:

Wow, you've just tripled the number of strongbows we've sold in the last week.....
And tripled the number of Coopers in the last month too.....

We are on our third drinks... oh dear.

Lunch time view.

Gosh it's hard being on holidays :)

14 August 2014

Mindil market

So, we worked out the secret of the Mindil beach sunset market. 
1: turn up 30 mins before it starts. This way you get a carpark with in a few 100m of te market. 
2: leave before sunset. OMG what a ducking nightmare. 
One the plus side, there was plenty of food and the stuff we had was nice. Now it's time to go home and have beer

12 August 2014

Darwin so far

The short version: 
It's hot!
I've been in the pool already
I've failed to find my first cache :(
Here is my pool: