11 August 2015


So tonight for dinner we went to a Lu-au. I was sort of thinking of it abit like a football match in Melbourne. You know, sort of a must do, and a bit like football I feel like I have done that now and NEVER need to do it again. 
It was a bit like I'd imagine the swagman restaurant would have been in Melbourne before that DIED IN THE ARSE. 
The food wasn't too bad, but it was buffet. There were 500 people there and Monday is a quiet night. The dancing and story were the best part. The booze was included, but then for a $110 a head, you'd bloody hope so. (Oh dear, Neil just converted that to AUD..... ewwwww)

Flight over the Garden Island

The island we are on is Kauai and it is known as the Garden Island.  As soon as I found out about it, and we decided to go here, I decided a flight would be the way to go.  That was about as far as I went when I booked, but when we arrived we started to look into what flight to take.  As you may (or may not know) we both fly for work in the summer for ‘fire’ stuff, we flying isn’t really a big deal for us.  When I found this tour, I knew it was the one for us!!!
It was great, ok, some of the photos might be a bit compromised by the struts of the plane, but it was amazing!! Here are some photos
Us :)

Obviously, I have many more photos that this.....
Cute, it's the red baron!

Also, here is a tiny video,  We had the go pro (recently purchased extremely tough video camera) on the outside of the plane, but unfortunately the setting were wrong and we got no video.  I have organised for it to go one another flight before we go home, so we get some video/photos.

09 August 2015

Who knew

We went to a sand castle competition today. Who knew they even really held these! 
We were a bit late for it, but most of them were still standing and in good condition. Here are some photos. 

We had an enormous dinner. And drinks. 
It was just food for me. Neil liked his steak. 

We have decided that Princeville (where we are) is kind of like Lorne or Rye/Sorento, but in a resort like you'd find in Surfers Paradise. Not sure how we ended up here.... Oh well.... It's only for 4 days....

08 August 2015

The US of A - Hawaii island (the big island)

We have been really busy here, as apposed to on Fiji.  We have:

  • looked at lava
  • looked at volcanoes
  • looked at lava trees
  • looked at lava tunnels
  • looked at shops
  • shopped
  • found a brewery
  • driven up a really really high mountain
  • talked to protesters
  • gotten altitude sickness (only me)
  • visited a waterfall
  • cached (only a little bit)
  • held a caching event
  • finished my p366 challenge
  • given a hitch hiker a lift
  • visited the kingdom of Hawaii
  • found out about the shit takeover history of Hawaii by the US
  • met hippies
All this in 5 days.  Here are some photos to cover some of these
Lava trees
My event to celebrate p366

Protesters, treaties, and very high mountains (and rare goose)
lava tunnels and glowie stuff

water fall

01 August 2015

All's quiet

I know it's been pretty quiet on the blog recently, but to be frank, there is nothing to report. Seriously. I know it's hard to believe but we have been sitting around doing nothing. Except the odd swim in the pool, a bit of wine or beer, eating and sleeping. Nothing else. 
This is all about to come to an end though. Tomorrow evening we leave Fiji and the Fiji Orchid and land in Hawaii (about 18hrs before we left). Looking at what we have planned to do, I think we will be very busy on Hawaii, pretty cruise-ie on Kauai and a bit busy on O'ahu before we come home (losing a day when we do)
So you can keep and eye out for more posts from us over the last two weeks of our holiday in Hawaii. 

27 July 2015

a little side trip...

Wow, I have to admit to a fairly major oversight. I completely forgot to tell you all about our major side trip. We went off for a little three night trip to Bonaira Beach Resort on Naviti Island. It was very different to here, but very nice, even if the food wasn’t as good. We had so fantastic sunsets and even managed to get a bonus cache!! This wasn’t the reason we went there, but when we arrived and I discovered that the next closest cache was only 3km away, it was just too hard not to go and get it.  Here are some photos.

The coral and swimming here was nice too....

21 July 2015


When we arrived here at the Fiji Orchard I was a little shocked with how flash it is.  That was Sunday and I have now well and truly adjusted to it.  We have one of 6 luxury garden bures. They seem to me to be of Japanese origin. Although they are a few years old, they are really comfortable. The front opens completely and it’s almost like being outside.
The pool here is just gorgeous. I am happy to say this place doesn’t even allow kids.  The food isn’t ace for me, but I am a bit fussy and I have no complaints.  Anyway I can’t say enough nice things about here. So nice in fact, that rather than booking an entire second week somewhere else, we have picked a small island to visit for 3 nights, then we are coming back here.

Here are photos (in no particular order).