21 July 2015


When we arrived here at the Fiji Orchard I was a little shocked with how flash it is.  That was Sunday and I have now well and truly adjusted to it.  We have one of 6 luxury garden bures. They seem to me to be of Japanese origin. Although they are a few years old, they are really comfortable. The front opens completely and it’s almost like being outside.
The pool here is just gorgeous. I am happy to say this place doesn’t even allow kids.  The food isn’t ace for me, but I am a bit fussy and I have no complaints.  Anyway I can’t say enough nice things about here. So nice in fact, that rather than booking an entire second week somewhere else, we have picked a small island to visit for 3 nights, then we are coming back here.

Here are photos (in no particular order). 

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Ann said...

It looks really fabulous. Lovely photos. Wish I was there :)