14 July 2015


The next adventure was the much anticipated trip to the Yasur Volcano!! The drive there was a little harrowing, the roads here basically just tracks. Pretty bad tracks. The tracks are the reason they still make 4WD’s as you certainly don’t need them at home. We travelled most of the trip at less than 30km/hr. And of course, although the volcano is only around 20km away, as the crow flows, it isn’t a direct route, and there are a few fairly substantial hills between here and there….. Did I mention the roads? Anyway, we made it, and even thought (much like a bushfire) the volcano makes it’s own weather and it was pretty shit awful at the top, it was f$%^&ing AMAZING!! And stinky and gritty. And LOUD! I did some pretty impressive little movies on my camera for the loud, but you will have to make do with this collage of photos. You don’t get to experience the sticky or gritty, so consider yourself lucky on that account.


Ann said...

Amazing. So glad you made it. Better than going to Bali and getting stuck there.

Fay said...