07 July 2015


So the traveling took ages. We left at 11pm ish from Melbourne and arrived at Nadi airport at just before 6am. I was slightly daised in my usual no sleep fashion. We did the usual stand in ques thing and finally made it out of the airport. 
We wandered over the the departure area and found we could leave our bags there for a small fee, which we did. The nice man out the front, Nikki told us about a place in town that had just opened were we could hang out until 11am when we had to come back and start the whole check-in process again for the flight to Vanuatu. Unfortunately the taxi driver didn't really know where this place we'd been told about was, so we were just dropped off in the middle of town, at around 8am and we sort of wandered around for a bit. It was pretty warm, which I know is the idea of the holiday, but phew!! I'm not used to it. Eventually, after we found somewhere to eat, we kind of gave up on being adventurous and found an other taxi to take us back to the airport. Yes, we whimped out. 
We found some horizontal surfaces and had some sort of sleep. Eventually check-in opened and we went through, got some food, sat around and only 20mins late, the plane boarded. We arrived and landed nearly 30 mins late as the weather here is a bit interesting at the moment. The virgin flight was cancelled. 
We found out host, and eventually our little mini bus. We went to the supermarket as our accommodations kitchen is out of action from Cyclone Pam. I didn't realise this. Bugger. 
I know I knew this before we left, but.... It really is 3rd world here. People live in huts. The roads and the road rules are just non-existent. The evidence of Cyclone Pam is everywhere. 
Driving to our accommodation part of the road used to be along the beach. It was washed away in the cyclone. The alternative road, if you can call it that, was an experience. I wouldn't have been comfortable driving it out car, which is all wheel drive, and we went along it in a 2WD mini van.... I'm amazed we arrived at all. I think it's part of the reason I am happy just to sit around here for the day, so I don't have to brave that road. 
It was only a section and apparently there has been a fair bit of rain. Who knows maybe it'll improve if it drys out a bit. 
Out little house is nice. Unfortunately it is painted yellow on the inside so it does make me look very ill. 
It's pretty overcast at the moment so any photos will look a bit shit. I'll take some latter. Ok. Back to sitting around now :)


Ann said...

What an adventure! Very glad you've arrived safely. Now you can have a proper rest/relax/ bludge/ do nothing.. ......holiday. :)

Fay said...

Have a great holiday :) It'll be very interesting.
We'll envy you being in warm weather even if things are a bit rough and ready.