17 July 2015

underwater photography is hard`

Today was out last day on Tanna and our last real day in Vanuatu, as our flight back to Fiji leave really early tomorrow morning.  WE had enough time before our flight to have an other snorkel.  This time we knew just where to go and we got some really good shots, but it's quite hard because:

  • I don't have my glasses on
  • The bloody fish never stop moving
  • Snorkels aren't always the easiest things to see out of
  • The cameras screen is tiny.
Enough excuses, here are the shots from today.

harder than it looks
on to Fiji tomorrow


Ann said...

Pretty impressive - good on you!

Ann said...

errr..I think its the goggles you see thru not the snorkel!

SirJ said...

@Ann - that's why they're hard to see out of