08 November 2010


This time I am true to my promise about the photos :)
Louise UK 10 Highlights

07 November 2010

Home again home again

Both of us were very keen to get home and also very tired. We woke up quite early and headed into town so I could put my geocoin, that has traveled with me everywhere on this holiday, into a cache in town, that seems secure and is big enough. We wondered around for a bit, but my hip was really playing up and I wasn't keen to do a lot of walking. In the end we gave the whole thing up as a bad job and headed back to our hotel to get our bags and head off to the airport. We got there, after a very circuitous bus trip, about 4 hours early. after two hours, we could check in. Even though it was only 5pm, it was very dark so we had dinner, with security conscious cutlery.
The plane trips (all of them) were:
  • a bit late
  • packed full
  • hot
  • boring
  • boring
  • boring
Yes I realise the last item I have mentioned 3 times, but it was such an important part of the trips, that I thought it was worth mentioning THREE times* but on the plus side, at least our plane made it to Melbourne, unlike the one that left for Sydney about the same time as ours who engine had issues and it ha to turn back.
The last bit of excitement for the trip was Neil's bag. Which didn't make it onto the same plane as us and had to be delivered home the next day.

*quote stolen from Blackader Red Dwarf

03 November 2010

Glasgow Science Museum - take 2

We made it to the Glasgow Science museum this morning around 10.30am. This time, I know shock horror, they were open. We managed to spend... the whole day here. We pushed kids out of the way left right and centre and played with every exhibit they had there, even the foot piano that was only for kids under seven. It was great. The Wallace and Gromit bit was cool. I personally loved the make your own animation bit. Unfortunately my first one didn't send. Here is my second one:
Not bad hay??!? totally doing more of this when I get home, clever me :) Neil made one too, but it was rude.

Once again, we find ourselves in a pub, in possession on beer/cider. What a shame. One day left. Not worried about admitting that I am looking forward to going home and seeing my dogs (and family and friends and shit)

02 November 2010


It looked a bit rainy and shit again today, so we thought it would be an ideal day to spend at the near by Science Museum, which happens to have a Wallace and Gromit exhibition on at the moments. We strolled down there from our hotel and found.... it's closed on Monday and Tuesday, great. The was a near by tower, turns out it's part of the Science Museum, and therefore also closed.
Parked, actually I guess it's moored next to the museum is the Waverly paddle steamer, the last remaining ocean going paddle steamer. It is closed for winter.
Across the river is a Tall Ship (know here as The Tall Ship, don't know what they'll call it if they ever get another one). It is currently closed for major renovations (at least their shop was open, we got a nephew present there). We did get to see a helicopter take off from here.
From here it was a quick walk up the hill to the Museum of Transport. Guess what!!! Closed!! it's moving to another building and needs a few months to do that (kind of fair enough really, but still "bugger".)
Next we went to the Kelvingrove Museum. It was........... OPEN!!!! and at least it wasn't raining in there.
From there we walked into town. By the time we made it it was 4pm and my knee was showing me a new and different sort of pain it has never showed me before. Thanks knee. We went to the House of Fraser (famous department store) to their Champaign bar and had some very nice bubbly and posh chips and rested my knee.
When they closed it was time to find dinner, be bus-ed (I know, isn't Neil brave) back home and had some surprisingly good Mexican and a restaurant near our hotel.

I am planning on drugging up tonight and tomorrow morning so we can enjoy the Science Museum and Wallace and Gromit tomorrow.

01 November 2010

Glasgow - take one

We returned out little hire car today. From there we walked all the way into town to the Information place. We spoke to a very nice man in a station on the way about the public transport system, and another nice man about the buses in the Info place. We slowly strolled out of town towards a large park and on from there to a set of shops. We were mostly going there to find a chemist, but conveniently it turned out to be a well know pub strip!!! Even thought it was only around 4pm at this stage we had been walking all day, a lot of it in the rain, so we found a nice pub, with interwebs and sat down to eat and drink. We were in a Belgium beer pub. The men were really nice and the food was quite good, basic pub fair. Neil found a great wheat beer to drink.
It felt soooo late, but it was only about 9ish when we got going, by bus back to our hotel. For those of you who know Neil, you will probable be very surprised to hear that he caught a bus. For those of you who don't know him, let me explain. He doesn't trust buses, mostly because if he was a bus driver, he would turn random corners just to keep the travellers guessing and he thinks the drivers will do that. Anyway, the driver didn't and we made it back!!! Yay us.