02 November 2010


It looked a bit rainy and shit again today, so we thought it would be an ideal day to spend at the near by Science Museum, which happens to have a Wallace and Gromit exhibition on at the moments. We strolled down there from our hotel and found.... it's closed on Monday and Tuesday, great. The was a near by tower, turns out it's part of the Science Museum, and therefore also closed.
Parked, actually I guess it's moored next to the museum is the Waverly paddle steamer, the last remaining ocean going paddle steamer. It is closed for winter.
Across the river is a Tall Ship (know here as The Tall Ship, don't know what they'll call it if they ever get another one). It is currently closed for major renovations (at least their shop was open, we got a nephew present there). We did get to see a helicopter take off from here.
From here it was a quick walk up the hill to the Museum of Transport. Guess what!!! Closed!! it's moving to another building and needs a few months to do that (kind of fair enough really, but still "bugger".)
Next we went to the Kelvingrove Museum. It was........... OPEN!!!! and at least it wasn't raining in there.
From there we walked into town. By the time we made it it was 4pm and my knee was showing me a new and different sort of pain it has never showed me before. Thanks knee. We went to the House of Fraser (famous department store) to their Champaign bar and had some very nice bubbly and posh chips and rested my knee.
When they closed it was time to find dinner, be bus-ed (I know, isn't Neil brave) back home and had some surprisingly good Mexican and a restaurant near our hotel.

I am planning on drugging up tonight and tomorrow morning so we can enjoy the Science Museum and Wallace and Gromit tomorrow.

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