07 November 2010

Home again home again

Both of us were very keen to get home and also very tired. We woke up quite early and headed into town so I could put my geocoin, that has traveled with me everywhere on this holiday, into a cache in town, that seems secure and is big enough. We wondered around for a bit, but my hip was really playing up and I wasn't keen to do a lot of walking. In the end we gave the whole thing up as a bad job and headed back to our hotel to get our bags and head off to the airport. We got there, after a very circuitous bus trip, about 4 hours early. after two hours, we could check in. Even though it was only 5pm, it was very dark so we had dinner, with security conscious cutlery.
The plane trips (all of them) were:
  • a bit late
  • packed full
  • hot
  • boring
  • boring
  • boring
Yes I realise the last item I have mentioned 3 times, but it was such an important part of the trips, that I thought it was worth mentioning THREE times* but on the plus side, at least our plane made it to Melbourne, unlike the one that left for Sydney about the same time as ours who engine had issues and it ha to turn back.
The last bit of excitement for the trip was Neil's bag. Which didn't make it onto the same plane as us and had to be delivered home the next day.

*quote stolen from Blackader Red Dwarf


scott said...

*quote was also stolen from Red Dwarf

Louise said...

Duly corrected, oops. Thanks Scott