01 November 2010

Glasgow - take one

We returned out little hire car today. From there we walked all the way into town to the Information place. We spoke to a very nice man in a station on the way about the public transport system, and another nice man about the buses in the Info place. We slowly strolled out of town towards a large park and on from there to a set of shops. We were mostly going there to find a chemist, but conveniently it turned out to be a well know pub strip!!! Even thought it was only around 4pm at this stage we had been walking all day, a lot of it in the rain, so we found a nice pub, with interwebs and sat down to eat and drink. We were in a Belgium beer pub. The men were really nice and the food was quite good, basic pub fair. Neil found a great wheat beer to drink.
It felt soooo late, but it was only about 9ish when we got going, by bus back to our hotel. For those of you who know Neil, you will probable be very surprised to hear that he caught a bus. For those of you who don't know him, let me explain. He doesn't trust buses, mostly because if he was a bus driver, he would turn random corners just to keep the travellers guessing and he thinks the drivers will do that. Anyway, the driver didn't and we made it back!!! Yay us.

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