31 October 2010

lots of km

We had a lot of km, or miles to cover today, so we couldn't muck around to much. It was nice to start off with, but there was a lot of rain on and off.
We stopped at a few pretty places as we travelled. By the time we made it to Fort William I was feeling a bit off (girl stuff)., I had a bit of a snooze in the car and Neil went for a walk. He found the yummiest Indian place. A little snack of that, combined with my snooze and we were ready to go again. We stopped at the Neptune's Stair case on the way out of town, which is a really big set of locks on the main canal thought the middle of Scotland. This was cool and by complete random chance we were there to see a ship going through it, this meant we even got to see the road way open!!! Ace!
We stopped at a few other stops on the way south for photos (and caches) but in the end the light failed and we just had to keep driving. We made it to our.... shall we say festy?, yes I think that covers it, our festy hotel. OK, it's not actually dirty, but MAN it's cheep for a reason. You could say it's a McDonald's hotel, everything is bolted down, there aren't plastic sheets, but it wouldn't surprise you if there were, the toilet is in it's own little cupboard and the shower makes you think you are in a caravan. OK, I won't mention it again!

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