09 October 2010

travel to Newport and beyond

After saying good bye to all the nice people we met on the tour (and ignoring the yukkie people), Mum and I wondered on to Paddington Station to jump on to the train to Newport station in Wales. The train trip was very efficient and problem free.
When we arrived..... we had to sit around for 2.5 hours while we waited for Neil. I didn't mind the first two hours.....
Anyway, then we had a long drive through the extremely impressive country side of Wales. I would have loved to spend more time here, but I am glad to have had the time here that I did.
After a while, we made it to Caernarfon. The B&B that Neil had been staying in for the last quite a few nights was extremely nights, even if we did have to walk up many stairs to get to our room (better than us than Mum though)

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