20 October 2010

The Royal Mile

Today we walked from the very top of the Royal Mile to the very bottom, and sort of spent money the whole way long it. Opps. And despite my absolute determination not to buy anything else either, fail. I got Scott's requested scarf (I hope it's what you wanted Scott, I'm now worried it's not so will keep looking.) A scottie print. key rings, that also happen to be bottle openers. Neil has been looking everywhere for bottle openers and they are simply not to be found, it's like the whole tourist industry has come over all temperate all of a sudden (the people certainly aren't). You see Neil has this thing that all the cars must had a bottle opener key-ring and the Subaru hasn't yet. And also some ceramic wall mounted flying scotties, as set of three, kind of like those ducks people put on their walls, but cooler as they are scotties, and also they are hand made and do look nice, if you don't think about the fact they are a set of three wall mounted flying scotties :)
I was on the lookout for a shall I really should have bought the last time, but didn't cos I got all thing about how much money I was spending and it was 60 pounds. Anyway, when I found the shop, the ones they had on sale were..... yukkie. They weren't wool, they had this awful chenille stuff woven in with them, and the colors were a bit leery. So I didn't buy it, hope I don't regret it again, don't think I will though.
In there evening we met up with Jacki and Deni for dinner, which was extremely pleasant. We moved onto a different venue for dessert and drinkies, then we had to send the girls home, cos it is a school night after all!!! An excellent catch-up all round! :)

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