18 October 2010

Manchester - bye bye

Today we spent most of the day at Manchester Airport..... really not the most exciting place to spend 4 hours. We dropped the car off, with only minor 'discussions' with the car hire man, then we found a coffee shop and sat, and sat, had some lunch, sat, etc. I started sewing the raccoon I bought a the mill yesterday. Eventually Neil and I said bye to Mum and got on our train to Edinburgh.
The train trip was fairly good, it did have to stop for 40 mins, so it was a bit late, but that was fine. The men I was sitting near were nice and chatted with them for the last part of the trip.
I did get my raccoon done on the trip, he looks great, way better than this one.
Our hotel is fine, but i was un-impressed with the bed. Will complain tomorrow

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Ann S said...

I expect to see a picture of YOUR racoon soon