28 October 2010


Today, Neil and I made a trek out to headland of "Rubh'an Dunain", before we could do that we had to change the punctured back tire on the car. Bugger. Lucky Neil is excellent and this sort of stuff. I man I did help, but it is a boy job. I thought the cache, as it was called "The Scotting's Scottish Cache", was a perfect place to put Scott's travel bug. It was a nice walk, we got to see an entire rainbow! It was the complete arch. and one end of it ended where the cache was hidden. I know it might not have been what you had in mind Scott, but it was a sign!
Next we took a drive up to the Stoer Point light house. Last time we were here, we watched the sunset from here. This time it was so windy, we sat in the car and had a picnic. I also met a man doing the Round Britain Rally. Neil and I have decided it would be cool to organise a Victorian version of this rally, I have already emailed the man and gotten some information from him about how he runs it. (I spent most of the afternoon cursing the website actually)

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