13 October 2010

Silk and Moreton

Today we drove to the Macklesfield Silk mill. This was really cool. The old bloke that was the guide of the old mills was really interesting and he didn't mind us asking questions after the tour. Most of them he even answered well. There is still one we haven't had answered ok, but I'm sure the internet can help us with that at some stage. I got a tiny tiny bit of jackard woven silk in a key ring.
After lunch we headed to Little Moreton Hall.
This had scaffolding all over the front of it and we nearly didn't go, but it turned out to be really good and interesting. It is just totally amazing that the thing has survived in as original state as it has. Many cool photos were to be hand on the parts that didn't have scaffold, and the lady running the tour was excellent.
Last stop for the day, before home and another excellent meal from Neil, was the Post Officer, were we off loaded a few bits and pieces of paper. Will really need to weigh the bags at some point. :S

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