14 October 2010


Today we went for a tour around the local country side to the start and end of the Standedge tunnel, which is on the Huddersfield Narrow Cannal. We went to Uppermill end of the tunnel first, which was a bit boring, so we had to drive over the huge mountain to the Marsden end. This end had a boat ride into the tunnel. It is over 3 miles long and take 3 hours to go right the way through it, so the little 30 minute trip turned out to be just right. The lady was really interesting and it was a good trip into the tunnel. My photos were a bit crappy looking. Neil and I then tried to go for a little walk to a nearby cache. The river we had to cross turned out to be a little too deep for my little runner shoes, so we had to give that one a miss.
We had found a hand out for a sculpture trail that was meant to be close by, and after stuffing around with tiny little streets that seemed to go nowhere, we had to give that one a miss too. Bugger. Luckily the road we had used to go from Marsden to Dingle (or where ever these theoretical sculptures where supposed to be) had had a conveniently located cache on it, so we had stopped at that and I dropped another travel bug. No all I need is a bit of internet to log it and this little write up.

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Fiona said...

hello there

It seems like aaages that you've been gone. I have just read the last week's blog entries and felt a bit exhausted. I've spent most of today at home doing bugger all which suits me very well - I shall leave the globe trekking to my adventurous friends (ie. you). So when does the odyssey come to an end my dear? and how full are your bags so far?
Hope it is going well. Phurr and Bella say hi.

From their servant, Fiona