10 October 2010

Wales 1 of 2

Well, if this isn't a day made for caching I don't know what is!! How cool to write 10/10/10 on cache logs :) And all with nice timing for me being re-united with the GPS (and Neil of course ;) )
Mum and Neil were very patient and let me do 7 caches. Thankfully these were mostly at places we would have gone anyway, so I hope I wasn't too much of a pain.

We did a big loop from Caernarfon via The National Slate Museum (fair bit of slate in Wales, in case you didn't know) and some VERY impressive scenery. I was big, really big. And oddly not like Scotland, but big in a different way, I can't quite put my finger on it. Big anyway.

One the way home we looked at a cool 'Telford' bridge. Man that bloke built a lot of stuff.

Our very last stop for the day, right on dusk was at some ancient stone houses that Neil had visited a few days earlier on the island of Anglesea. I also got some cool sunset shots were as well.

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