08 October 2010

Last day

Today was the last day of the tour. It was to be a trip to the "Ally Pally" or rather the Stitching a kkitting Show, at the Alexander Palace exhibition hall. I was sort of expecting the hall to be a similar size to the Melbourne Exhibition hall, bit it was way bigger.
The craft fair it's self was massive! I couldn't believe how big it was and just how many people where there! Mum decided not to got, and instead go on the London hop on hop off bus. I'm so glad she did, she would have hated it, the place was completely packed, you couldn't walk down most isles, you sort of had to wade through the people like you do at the show in really crowded parts, but it was the whole place!

I tried to be very good, and I only bought two stitching kits and picked up heaps of hand outs. We were delivered to the fair by a private bus and were meant to head back the same way, but we (me Louise and Pam) wagged the bus and took the tube back. This turned out to be way quicker, even including out trip to the pub after-wood for a beer.
The final dinner (which was held at the Vanderbelt Hotel) was absolutely awful. The service was totally shit house, it took them 4 goes to get a glass of wine right for me, the menu was completely crap, when I first read it i was not going to go at all and in the end I only ordered a main, cos the entrée and deserts where inedible. Most of the food, when it eventually arrived, it was almost COLD! It was a bit of a shame to have ended the tour on such an average note.

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