11 October 2010

Wales 2 of 2

Unfortunately, today involved a long drive. These days are never fun. We got in two caches. One was huge, and let me drop of the large TB I have with me (Sam the Koala, in case Scott was wondering what was happening with him) and the other was in the crappiest sea side town I have seen in the UK so far. The beach consisted of.... a concrete wall. Man that's crap.
Onto Manchester we traveled via a large detour to Llangollen and some very very pretty roads or rather vistas, visible from the roads. We also went to the Thomas Telford bridge there which was called the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and was really cool. This has made me really keen on a canal boat trip holiday. Trans Scotland or Ireland or Germany or somewhere there are canals. Let me know it you are interested ok? Not for a few years though.

From there we drove the rest of the way to Manchester, with only minor issues on who was navigating. To be honest, I hadn't really gotten the hand of navigation with the GPS yet, and the massive motorways around Manchester were soooooo confusing the map didn't help either. Basically, unless you were in the right land you were f-ed, and we drove through one intersection three times. opps.

Anyway, we made it to our house for the next week. To be honest, it's not that impressive. Bum. It is also UP A CLIFF!!!! This isn't great for either Mum or my hips. Oh well. The views are impressive.

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