29 October 2010

Cache hopping to near Skye

I'm sure I have said this before, but it really is true that caching takes you to all sorts of places that you would never have gone to otherwise. Today was a prefect example. I realised that I am within a reachable amount of caches of getting to 400 cache whilst here in the UK. As we had a fairly long drive to do, we broke it up with stopping for caches along the way. The people at Stoer are so nice and we were chatting to them until 11am, so we had a 4 hr drive ahead of us and we were a little behind schedule.
First stop was a bridge that was designed by the same bloke who designed the Fourth of Firth Rail Bridge, near Edinburgh. It was quiet tiny and just on the side of the main free-way, pretty much, just someone's drive way. I can't even imagine how the cache owner ever found out about it. The river flowing under it was certainly flowing well, with all the rain there has been over the last few days. Right next door was a little forestry collect. There were trees from all over the world, with little signs next to them. Neil did his own mini quiz of himself and was pleased (I think) with the results.
On we drove, me taking photos out the window as we went. At one point there started being an awful noise from the car and both of us thought "Oh no, and now we have no spare" we had visions of sitting beside the road for hours, waiting for the car fix it man from the hire car place. We stopped, and thankfully it was just a stick stuck under the car, what a relief! A little further on was a view stop we just had to stop and take advantage of. For some reason, at this point I had an uncontrollable laughing fit. I had tears pouring down my face, very funny. Not sure what brought it on, I hadn't even had chocolate!
The next cache stop was meant to bear near a cemetery which had a pictish stone in it. Both of these were disappointing, the stone, because it had no carving on, the cache, because we couldn't find it.
The last cache stop was a little walk along a beach near tiny town. Was wet, again, but again nice views and a nice walk.
Lastly we drove and drove and eventually found our house for the next two nights. We had fish and chips for dinner, that were average.

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