30 October 2010


Glenelg is the main settlement in a remote sparsely populated peninsula lying to the South of Loch Alsh and Loch Duich in South West Ross. To the North lie Kintail and the district of Lochalsh, to the West across the sound of Sleat is the Isle of Skye and to the South, separated by Loch Hourn, is the Knoydart peninsula.

Apparently this place is regarded as "extremely remote". Seriously, half the UK really needs to come to Australia and see what remote really means. Anyway, just as we arrived on the peninsula, it started to hail. A lot. We were driving up a pass at the time and the roads were while with hail. The car was fairly slidey with it! We made it to the top of the pass and I quickly climbed up to get the cache. Neil signed it for me so I didn't have to climb down again, then just as I put it back, the hail started again so I had to run for the car.
We cruised around the other 4 caches that are in the area, two were at Pictish Broch Towers that were very impressive. There was a really big 'barracks' building in the middle of a town. To top it all off the series of caches finished with a puzzle cache. No one had been able to solve this since September, and before that August, then April. In fact, I was only the 12th person of 25 people to have successfully found it :) Gotta be happy with that. And it was hidden in a gumboot (or welly, cos we are in the UK)
We went to a battle field to pick up another cache and a station in the middle of no where for our last one. A good day, even if it did take us til 4pm to find a shop that was open for lunch. We count that as dinner and got beer (or rather cider) for dessert.

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Fiona said...

Hi there, see, I knew you were never coming back. You are on the edge of the known world by the sound of it. There be monsters etc ... You have almost (I said almost) got me interested in caching with all those olde worlde scottish locations. Nice work.

I have just come back from 3 days in Canberra. Nothing olde worlde about that, but good to catch up with my mum, brother and their respective accessories. Just realised that Bella is on the shelf behind me breathing down my neck. She says hi and wonders why I haven't mentioned her already. Meanwhile Phurr is whinging - apparently she is of an age where she can climb on to the bench but needs me to lift her down. hang on ...... the fluffball has landed ... with a bit of help from me.

Melbourne cup day today so I am lounging at home. It's been a tough month and my body and brain are complaining.

Look forward to seeing you both (if the dragons on the edge of the world ever let you go). I hope you are getting some interesting goodies from the caches. Can't wait to see the 10,000 photos.

All the best, Bella, Phurr, and their valet