21 October 2010

and we're off

Off from Edinburgh and on to Pitlochry. I know it seems a bit boring to stay in the same first town that we did last time, but we have some very important things to do in the area. One of the most important to be going back to McNaughtons of Pitlochry and ask them how to adjust Neil's kilt as the pooh pooh head keeps loosing weight (don't ask me how) and the bloody thing is too big and I am NOT paying for a new one.

Anyway, the whole day was so uneventful that it looks like neither of us took any photos. We went ot the tourist information place, pick up what we needed, got our hire car, put our bags in it, drove to a cache on the way out of town, there were blackberries there, drove to Pitlochry. I was further than I remembered. Our accommodation is nice, the people are lovely. They have recommend a place for dinner..... time passes...... the place was extremely good.

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