07 October 2010

back to london, eventually

Today we got up and drove half way back past Oxford, they way we came yesterday to go to Blenheim Palace. Whole this was all very impressive, I think it might be a bit of a sign of how over some of this stuff I am getting. The tour lady just crapped on about the paintings and furniture, big deal. The gardens were nice, but we really only had 20 minutes to look at them! I got a little scottie purse (not a radley one, I have not idea what I'll do with it). Add to this that the main clime to fame this place has, apart from looking cool is that Winston Churchill was born there (like I could give a shit) and it wasn't the all round funnest place I have been in this tour.
Last stop on the way back to London was Burford, which was actually a cool town, and for the first time I feel like we actually had the right amount of time in a place. YaY! then back on the bus and head for the Millennium again. \
For dinner Louise, Jenny, Mum and Joan went to Bumpkins which was as excellent as it was the last time and the other ladies all enjoyed it too.

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