05 October 2010

stitching and Wells

today was meant to be a stitching day at out hotel Ston Eastern. This in teory was a really good idea for today except that the kits the nice lady (claire something) where a bit much for me but mum got one. A sat I did the little scotty across stitch I got at Liberty of London. After lunch Mum and I and Louise, a lady from the tour, have waged and escaped to Wells. I was really keen to see the cathedral and also the really ancienct row of houses that are here. (I am in apub I wells writing this now) the street of houses wasn't as old as I was expediting but it was really interesting away. Still many hundreds of ears old!! The cathedral was a bit expensive for me. Its good to have a bit of 'normal' time.
There is another formal dinner tonight. I hope its yummy

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