06 October 2010

drive drive drive

We departed Ston Eastern today for a day of lots of driving. We first drove to Sudley Castle, where Kathryn Parr (King Henry VII's last wife) lived out her days after the King's death. Unfortunately the place was fairly beaten up by Oliver Cromwells bunch during the English civil war. When we visited, they were doing all the yew tree trimming, which is only done once a year. These particular yew trees are nearly 150 years old. There were some really really old bits of needle work on display in this castle. I also learnt that pheasants are native to the UK, which I though they are, they are from various bits of Asia.
We were back on the bus then and on to Broadway. We went for ages then in a south eastern direction, around Oxford onto Hartwell house, our last stately home. The place was really nice, and the staff were way friendlier than other places, it was a shame to be only staying there for one night.

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