26 October 2010

Walking walking

Today I decided that we should go and to the mostly north westerly cache it is possible to do from October on in Scotland (the mostly north westerly cache is only accessible via a ferry, which stops running in October, god dam it! Also it was a 5/5 earth cache, I am sooooo bummed we couldn't do that one) Any way, this one is near the tip of the Faraid Head. The cache said it was an easy 30 min walk from the car park to the cache. I disagree. It took 45 min and it was hard work, across sand, up dune, up a cliff, more dunes, whinge whine etc. The views were spectacular! Well worth the walk and the pain I will no doubt experience the next day.
Because the weather report said "not too bad in the morning, heading towards shit in the afternoon"* I was pleased that around 5 mins after we got back in the car the sky opened :) Ha ha ha to all the people who were still doing the walk, he he he.

We went to Cocoa Mountain before heading out of Durness, and got a chocolate fix, yum. and some takeaways. They have got a directory for their chocolates now, I don't think they had one last time, I am just to whimpy to eat chocolates with out a directory. It's sooooo awful when you get a yukkie one.

Anyway, from there it is a meer 52 miles from Durness to Stoer, "That's nothing!" I hear you say. Well, it took hours (I guess it was after lunch by the time we had finished the walk). We did stop for the odd photo, and a bit of a look around every now and then, but still. Single lane and passing places most of the way.

We arrived here in Stoer at the Cruachan Lodge, where we stayed last time, just as it was getting dark. The people here are really nice, which is why we decided to come and stay again. If you ever find your self in the back blocks of Scotland, I recommend staying here. For dinner we had the pub in Lochinnver, near by, recommened to us. It was FANTASTIC, go there now, I order you.

* this is paraphrasing

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