23 October 2010

to the North

Today we drove to Thurso, which is a little town, next to John o'Groats, but no where near as crappy. This means following the A9 north and north and north. We got so see out first lot of snow covered mountains, so there were many photos, let me tell you! Also as it is the 'end of the season' (nad as we have already noticed) many of the shops and out door shops in particular, are having sales. I have been trying to convince Neil that he needs to get a second pair of shoes. This finally worked today when we saw a nice pair of Merrills, for what I like to call 'the right price'. In this same town (Aviemore, for those of you who are interested) we saw a horrible horrible thing (actually we have seen a few horrible things, but most these have been women wearing clothing they really should have more self respect than to be seen in public in). It was a restaurant.... called the Roo's Leap. As if this is not bad enough the menu consisted of meals from no less than the following countries:
  • Mexico
  • America
  • Italy
  • South America
  • the middle east
  • Greece
  • Japan
  • The Caribbean
  • Jamaica
  • England
There was the odd reference to things like Aussie burger and Aussie fish and chips and the menu, but that's it. We laughed, a lot, as I took a photo of the menu and we walked away, laughing.

Next stop was the Black Isle Brewery, which again we went to last time, but it did have the best beer of the many many breweries we went to last time and Neil could really do with e new t-shirt from there.... really.
We made it to Thurso in good time and decided to go to Dunnet Head, the most northern place in the UK, before it got dark. This place was windy, I mean Windy, with a capital W. We got some nice shots though and a cache, before heading home (I mean the hotel here of course) via another near by cove, that happened to have a cache in it, and some seals, and the moon rising over a stone pinnacle thing. See caching can be good, you see stuff you would never have seen other wise!! Really it is cool, cool people play it....

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