27 October 2010

My birthday

Today is my birthday, and I have decreed we are having a rest. We got out, ate breakfast, I had a bath (I don't think I have had a bath in about 5 years (that's a bath, not a wash)), then we went into Lochinver to get a bottle of champagne (which really is champagne) to have with dinner. There was only on issue with this, all the bubbles they had in the tiny shop looked like spew-mantie or where from Australia. I was not going to pay nearly $20 a bottle for Jacobs Creek. Anyway, we have gotten some French stuff, I hope it is ok. I got a bottle of Koppaberg, to be on the safe side.
We are having dinner 'in' at Crachan Lodge, where we are staying.

So far for my birthday I have the card that mum gave me, and the travel bug the cache gave me.

1 comment:

Fay said...

Lots of Happy Birthday wishes.
I hope you have a lovely day and dinner :)