22 October 2010


Today was out day of messages. We started off with a 'quick' trip to town to go to an outdoors shop and the kilt shop (see yesterdays post) Two or three hours later, we had done those two messages. The man in the outdoors shop was just lovely, very friendly, very chatty, into cars and had travelled a lot. Neil and him got on really well, plus being Scottish, he had a lovely turn of phase and every storey was great to listen to. Pity any other customer who came in to the shop. However being late October, I really shouldn't be so surprised to see everything winding down as much as it is.
Eventually we strolled out of the shop with a pair of gloves and it was over an hour later. The storey was much the same after the kilt shop, except it was chatting about the man (who is really really nice and served us when we bought the kilt)'s health, dogs, Masons and stuff. Neil bought a belt, buckle and pair of socks (sorry, they are hoes when they are for the kilt). Scott, I also ordered you a different scarf, so hopefully one of them will be right!
Next stop was Dunkeld. This is the evil town where I saw my first bit of Radley, as many of you may know, I now had a fairly large collection, especially given you can't actually buy it in Australia. We didn't stay and chat with the ladies in this store, cos they seemed a bit bitchy, but we did in other stores in the town, including the Fish and Chip shop, where the man was very nice and explained what all the stuff on the menu that we had know idea what it was, was. He was also nice about me asking for a potato cake, which we was sorry to say he has no uncut potatoes left with which to make me one. The chips from there were great, my burger was only average, but I didn't care, I'd been chatting all day and was hungry!

Last stop for the day, only an hour before the closed was the Scottish Crannog Centre. This turned out to be way better that we thought it would be. When we turned up it looked like it would e a bit kiddy, as there were demo stations of all the methods the people used to use to do stuff. The man, in costume, showed you how to do everything, then you could have a go at them yourself. The man was excellent and explained stuff really well, with lots of back ground and real information, not just a superficial glossing over of stuff, just for kids. The demos were all excellently done and had a very genuine feel to them. The reconstructed house itself is really cool and the lady who showed us that, just to continue the theme of the day, was extremely chatty and very pleasant as well as being very knowledgeable.
The final win for the day was that the shop for the Scottish Crannog Centre had a shall like the sort I remembered, it was way bigger than I was really after, but I'd had such a good day, and this one was all wool with a really good Celtic knot pattern on it, and even thought I don't really have room for it in my bag, I am bloody bought it any way :) yay me, my poor credit card.
Back in Pitlochry, we went to the other recommended place for dinner, but didn't stay, the bar people where rude, and I don't think you could have put another halloween decoration in the place and still fit people in there. We went to an Indian place. It was ok.

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