05 August 2007

North west Scotland

Today we had to put a lot of km/miles beneath our wheels, a lot of it on single lane roads with ‘passing places’ almost all of it through extremely spectacular countryside. We crossed the entire north of Scotland, then down a bit of the west coast.
We had planned to go to the Mey Castle which was the queen mothers favourite house, but as we were there at 20 past 9 and it didn’t open til 10.30, we gave it a miss. We did stop at a flagstone quarry are and an ancient church/chapel site, these were both quite nice strolls. At the chapel I discovered that our pom-pom plant, which I was under the impression was native, is in fact from here, as it was growing all over the cliff there.
We stopped in a cool cave with a waterfall inside it.
All the countryside we were driving through was so big and so spectacular. I couldn’t photograph it. Every time I tried, the photos just looked so poxy. The roads were madness! Stoopied tourists and sheep and narrow.
Before we got to our accom (in an ex-manse in the middle of nowhere, really nice though) we looked at a really old castle called Ardvreck (15th century)
We found our home for the night, got a recommendation for dinner, which was great, and headed to a nearby lighthouse to watch the sun set (Ohhhhhh!) we’d never done this before, and before you knew it…. That’s right, we were both bored. The pictures turned out well though!
Wow! It’s 11pm it gets dark so late it’s hard to judge the time, bed for me now!!!

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