14 August 2007

Hadrian's wall

Visits to the local Hadrian's Wall sites was the plan for today. One well executed almost perfectly!
First stop was the Roman Army Museum, which had many interesting artifacts and a cool film about the wall. Then Houseteads Fort, which was huge and had sheep and people all over it. Here we found out about the English equivalent of the Historic Scotland passes we had. We have decided to pass on it this time as there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of sites in the areas we are planning to visit.
Last one on the list for today was Vindolanda. This site is currently still being excavated and had dudes there digging, even today when the weather was fairly filthy. Cos of the anaerobic soil conditions this site has found heaps of leather and wooden artifacts.
Tonight the pub is having a quiz which we are thinking of sitting in on.
Tomorrow is off to an i place to try and implement our plan.

...... Time Passes ......

We went to the quiz and it was ace. Or as the quiz master put it, it was rubbish. They used to have 'professional' quiz people come and try and win their 10 pound prize, so they changed it so that 2nd prize is better than first and the quiz master can take points off people when ever he likes for what ever reason he likes (ie 'I don't like your team name, you loose all your points', or 'your winning, loose all your points!')
It was a really fun quiz, we didn't win, we did get picked on for being Australian and we both drank too much. A great night all round!

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