10 August 2007


Today we had a restful morning that had sleeping, photos, typing, and tidying. We rushed into town to go on a vaults tour with Jack’s but we were too late and missed it thankfully we could organize to go later in day instead. We had also booked ourselves into the Mary King’s close tour for the next day.
The vaults to it ended up being very interesting; we even had a collapsing youth in our group, poor bloke. We toured around the Mile a bit more and headed home for dinner, which Jack cooked for us.
Then it was time to journey back into town for the Tattoo!!! YYYYAAAAYYY!!!! The seats with tiny but the view was fantastic. As we were in east stand (ie: the one opposite the castle entrance) most of the bands came in from underneath us, which was great. You could feel that drums under your feet as they came in. All the sound was unbalanced to prove we were really there. Scotts sing way More than Australian’s so when there was a song people knew, you could hear the singing, just quietly, from the whole audience. Especially from ‘God Save the Queen’ at the end.
It was also odd to look across the audience see all the little glowie screens from all the cameras.
Jack took over 200 photos and Neil took over 100. My camera didn’t like the half light, so I can take that many at all. It was a great performance and we had a great time.

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