26 August 2007

Ironbridge 2

Today was museum day. We started off taking the free bus down to the tile museum. This was way better than we expected, we spent a couple of hours there. Next we wondered down to the Maws craft market/workshop. A few too many of the stalls were shut cos of the long weekend, bummer. I got a cross stitch pattern of Ironbridge. Neil got some cuff links made of old coins.
Next we stopped in for a snack near an old channel. Then we wondered on to the Tar Tunnel, which was cool, and had been lost until the 1950's or so.
Back on the free bus we went back to our room for a pit stop and a shoe change. We wondered the 2km or so up the road to the last 2 museums we plan to visit. Of course as we were going past the bear shop, of course I had to go in again and look at all the lovely hand made bears.
At the iron museum Neil got a door knocker in the shape of a traction engine. I'm still not sure why he needed this! Another tea towel was duely acquired.
Last stop on the museum trail for us was the kid museum 'enginuity'. This was great, heaps of toys and games, I completely wrecked myself playing with the machines that had convarer belts and handles to turn. Great!
We wondered back home, grabbed some cider for our regular sit beside the bridge and relaxed. Then an early night!

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