24 August 2007

Ironbridge 1

Today was a fairly restful day, with the main accomplishment being getting the washing done. That took most of the morning.
We went to the visitor center and 1 of the 10 museums in Ironbridge gorge (we have a pass for all of them, but I think we'll skip some of them). We also posted off two parcels of paper an books we have picked up on our travels. Cost a bit, but good that it's on it's way home. We should see it a few weeks after we get back!
On the whole we have had a very restful day, which I think we both needed. There is a really cool bear shop here. A little shop here, called the red roster, that we went into to get chips, but then found it was a really yummy deli. They stock the nice organic apple cider that we found in the organic shop in the Lakes District (it's called Westson's)

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