29 August 2007

Bath 2

Not a real early morning today, we went first to the main Bath tourist attraction, the Roman Baths. These were great, we were there for ages and look heaps of photos. Out accom package comes with a hop on hop off bus ticket. As we were tired, we jumped on and decided to do the whole trip round Bath in one go. The recording commentary was good, not as good as a real person, but good.
There are quite a lot of chocolate shops in Bath. I had to go into one and just sniff. We wondered around for a bit after the chocolate, til we found the glassblowing shop. We bought 2 matching glasses, which we have had mailed back, by the shop, this also means they minus the VAT, which is 17.5%
After this we had a long walk to the place where the actual glassblowing was done. As they were charging £3.50 per person to watch, we decided to 'pass' on that one! (What a rip-off, every where else they let you watch for free, Bastards!)
We jumped on the out of town hop on hop off bus and did that loop too. Then it was rest time again, we're both sooooo tired, I even had a snooze this time.
Latter we had a few drama's, which I won't go into, but sufficed to say we didn't succeed in getting my photos off my camera.
Last stop for the evening was an 'eat in' version of the night before, Yum!
Mum and Dad are meant to have arrived this afternoon, but I've not managed to get hold of the yet. I'll try them again first thing.

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