31 August 2007

Great Dorset Steam Fair

Today was the day of the rally. 4 - 5 miles of car que to get in there. Acres and acres of car park and camping ground. The acres of:
  • engines,
  • cars,
  • motorbikes,
  • stationary engines,
  • market stalls,
  • fairground stuff,
  • woodworking,
  • craft,
  • food
  • and more
I was big. I mean I was expecting big, but this was really BIG!
We wondered round all day, loosing each other, with Mum and me both cracking the shits at various stages cos the boys wondered off. But they both had a good time chatting with old freaky steam men and that the important bit. Neil only bought 2 t-shirts. I got a new card for my camera. :)

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