21 August 2007

York 3

We did soooo much today. We got up really early and headed into town for a second go at the squirrels, this time with photos. Then we got on to the walk all the way round the walls of York, with stops at places of interest on the way round. Stop one was the National Center for Early Music, this was a bit of a let down. I wanted to get something for Kate, but all I could get was a couple of handouts. We got back on the wall and continued our trek. The wall was quite interesting. In lots of places it looked into peoples back yards, we saw some really cool vegie patches.
Next stop was the Jorvick Viking place. Which apart from the 45min wait to get in there and the slightly silly and a bit patronising's journey on a chairlift (underground) to look at their fake viking village, was really interesting.
2 hrs later and we were back on the wall and the day was slipping away. We walked back to the hotel and jumped in the car. We decided to leave Castle Howard till first thing in the morning tomorrow and just try to find the Wesleydale cheese factory and the black sheep brewery. We made it too the brewery but we missed the cheese factory by 15 mins :( bugger :( I got us some cheese from a shop in the town so I have the label but missed out on the shop :(
Then we had the long haul back to York. We had takeaway Chinese in out room (naughty us) and it was yum!

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