25 August 2007


It took us an hour to drive from Ironbridge to Redditch. We wandered round for a bit trying to follow the signs to the info place. Eventually I asked at the town hall. Turns out they moved the i place, but didn't change the signs. The people in there were completely disinterested in tourists as the were also the ticket agents for the local play house. We grabbed a hand out, made our way (eventually) to the towns ring road and headed out of there. As we pulled in to the needle mill (the main reason we had come here) I noticed it looked rather quiet. The Neil noticed the gates were closed. I finally read the opening hours (Big calming breath!) they fucken didn't open til 2 fucken o'clock (still 2 hours away at this point) on a fucken Saturday! NOT FUCKEN HAPPY JAN!!!
So, we proceeded to waste the next couple of hours until 2. This turned out not to be so bad, we had a bit of a walk to some nearby ruins (that weren't closed) went and got some lunch from Sainbury's which was quite good. Then finally the place opened.
Thanks god the place was actually really interesting and had good stuff to look at or I might have had to kill someone.
Neil wants me to describe everything we saw at the mill, but I really can't be stuffed, cos it's nearly 11pm and I'm tired!

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