22 August 2007

to Sheffield

The first stop today was Castle Howard which turned out to be way bigger and way more interesting than I expected. I had expected we'd be there 2ish hours. We stayed 5. This rather buggered up the driving schedule for getting all the way to Sheffield.
The tour guides we great, especially this one bloke we chatted with a couple of times who had a nasty sense of humor. The house also had heaps of William Morris stuff in it that I know Mum will be jealous of. The garden and grounds were huge. In one part of the stables they had a glass blowing lady. Oops, more purchases.
After Castle Howard, and despite the lateness of the hour, we drove though Melbourne. A surprisingly big town in the middle of no where. Then we went via more back roads to the motorway and onto Worksop, a place outside Sheffield I wrongly assumed would be easy to navigate and find accommodation in.
We did, eventually do both, but only after driving round the whole town. I was somewhat placated about the navigation when, as we were walking back from dinner, some one pulled up and asked us for directions!

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