16 August 2007

Lakes District 1

Early night! fat lot of good that did. I woke up about 2am, cos my back was killing me. I soon discovered I couldn't get back to sleep cos:
  1. a cow was mooing, a lot
  2. the bed had a huge lump that meant I felt like I was about to roll out of it
  3. a clock was ticking
After an hour or so of not sleeping I realised Neil was also not sleeping. More not sleeping and light dozing followed when at around 6am this noise started, at the time we had no idea what it was, but it was gently vibrating the whole house. That was the final straw. We ate breakfast @ around 8, had an uncomfortable conversation with the land lady, and left, never to return again and having wasted £15 in 10% booking fee.
We drove back to Ambleside and booked 2 nights accom in town there (accom seems to be way more expensive in England than Scotland) then went to a sheep dog and hound show. Whilst walking there we saw a Scottie!!! Yay! He was a fairly gray boy, but very friendly and quiet similar in size to Clara (ie: lean) His human came and spoke to us. She was nice. She also said she had taken him to Edinburgh recently where he had caused quite a storm as they hardly see them there (in Scotland)!! Sounds like the Scottie Club here have a lot of work to do too.
The dog show was cool. We watched some beagles being shown, with all the handlers in white lab coats with bowlers hats on (not sure why) and some hounds (I don't think I've seen them at home) then lots of sheep dog trials. Most of the dogs were very competent and the sheep rounding up, but there was one dog, who wasn't very obedient to start with, who had an interesting discussion with one of the sheep. The sheep won! The commentators comments on the whole thing were almost as funny as the sheep standing there, stamping its paws and head butting the dog.
Back in town again, Neil got a second pair of shows and we had a rest for the afternoon. Eventually we strolled down the road to a pub for dinner. We both slept like rocks!!

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