12 August 2007

Last day in Edinburgh

Again we have done a fair amount of mooching today. It's been nice just to go slow. When we did get going, the first port of call was the supermarket to replenish the snack supply, then an internet cafe out here where Jack’s lives, in the hope of finding one that isn’t at gold plated prices. It worked and the finally been able to upload what we’ve done over the last few weeks (and check the banking and all sorts of boring things)
The next stop was a tourist shops galore. As this was our last day to go to the Royal Mile we’ve got to buy all the things we’ve been looking at for the last ages. I got t-shirts for me and the dogs, a big Scotland cross rugby top and a highland coo bag. Neil got every piece of McRae tartan he could find for Scott.
Then we nipped up to Edinburgh Castle for a look around. Yay Scottish heritage pass!! No £11 entry fee ! It was fairly busy but the light rain probably helped keep the crowds at bay.
We staggered home exhausted again (I think it’s the hard pavements). Jack had also been cursing the Mile for presents as she is having a visit back home to OZ for around 7 weeks.
Anyway we all went down to another very nice drinking establishment for a late dinner. Neil had a steak that went a long way to restoring his faith in food, even if it did cost over £10.

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