19 August 2007

York 1

We didn't have a great morning. The pub man tried to charge for breakfast (even though his sign was B&B, maybe he didn't know what is stands for) luckilly we only had %pound;50 on us, so he 'gerneriously' said not to worry about it.
Next after we finnally made it to York and found a car park and a toilet, the really unhelpful cow in the i place tried telling us that any accom was going to be between £35 and £40 per person per night. I nearly chocked. This meant we decided to go and sit in the car and book the accom for the rest of our stay in the UK. As the control freak, it was really starting to bother me not having stuff lined up. I rang half a dozen places and got no where. Neil rany 2 and booked an extra night in Bath and 4 nights in Ironbridge. We (meaning Neil) also rang some pleace in York. The first one Neil rang told us that there is a big race meeting on and we'd have trouble getting anything. Well that explained that! Eventually we decided to go to the Youth Hostel. Neil wasn't keen on this idea. I didn't care, I just wanted it sorted as the day was slipping away. Once we got there and looked at it, I wasn't so keen either. However we had noticed a pub and a little hotel on the way out there that had vacancies, so we stopped at those. Yay 2 nights booked and we might even stay another night here and shorten our stay in Sheffield, as there is soooo much to do here.
We walked into the old walled part of town and went to the i place (who weren't that friendly, I think it's a difference between Scotland and England). We found out about a free walking tour, had a bit of an eat and looked around before the walk was due to start. 15mins after the start time, and no one had shown up to run it, even though about 20 people were standing around to go on it. So we decided to go on out own, using a little book Neil procured at the unhelpful i place. This was good fun. We could do as we pleased this way and skip bits we weren't interested in. Neil got another book on the Snikelways in York (tiny winding foot ways between buildings that are really old (both the building and the pathways) these are kind of like the closes in Edinburgh)
Finally I found a present for Kate. It's cool, even if it's from France, not England.
After walking round for hours we have stumbled back to our home for the next 2 or 3 nights and will get tea and an early night I think!

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