28 August 2007

Bath 1

We started the day with a nice chat with the lady that runs the property. She breeds horses and has a great sense of humor. Probable enough said, really funny.
Next we went through heaps of traffic to the Hotel, to drop our bags and then through heaps more traffic to drop the car.
Then we walked slowly through Bath, via the i place and the fashion museum, where i 'accidentally' spent £75 on books :s, back to the hotel. Then we had a rest.
After a couple of hours sleep, (for Neil anyway, I was reading) we went to the station to pick up our railway tickets, then went to the local rip off internet to check email an bank balances, all looks acceptable.
We marched back into town for the evening "Mayor's" free tour of Bath. This was great. The man, Bob, was really interesting and entertaining. It lasted over 2hrs. By this time we were starving, but luckily we had passed a delicious smelling Turkish place near the end of the tour, so we nipped back there for a kebab. Delicious. We have to go back there!

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