08 August 2007

Highland Games

Today we went to the Skye Highland Games on "the Lump" in Portree. We could only stay for the morning and watch the local events, but I really enjoyed it. We saw high jump, hammer throwing, long jump, weight over the bar, running and putting the shot. On the way out of town we went to a jeweller and a wool place. I brought Odin mounted on his eight legged steed Sleipnir. The, once again, we drove, along way, in shitty traffic this time. The country side was lovely.
In the end we were so buggered and the traffic just crapped us off so much we decided to stop at the next place we saw. It was, just by random chance, a brewery pub. The food was really good, and the beer was too (apparently). Neil got more beer t-shirts (he up to 4 now).
Back on the road again, we eventually made it to Stirling.
We wondered the streets in search of dinner and picked a pub, just cos it was cheep. Then saw a notice that they were having live traditional music that night. So we hung around for that, it was great.

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