27 August 2007

Ironbridge to Bath

Today I accidentally bought a bear. He was £76. Oops. He's loverly :)

The Neil got new foot stuff as he has been putting Canastian on his mankie foot for weeks and it hasn't been doing squat. Hopefully this stuff will, as his feet are starting to bleed. I'd be whining like a bitch if it were my feet!
Packing the bags into the car we headed, by all sorts of A & B roads, to Hereford. On the way I noticed Thornbury on the map, so of course, I had to navigate us via there! The town consisted of a sign.... thats it. We saw heaps of huge farm machinery on the tiny little roads there and a rubbish truck.
After the Hereford i place the next stop was the Weston's cider mill. We had lunch there, mine accompanied by 2 pints of cider, here all the navigation for the rest of the day was carried out pissed.
Next we went to Clearwell Caves which have been mined continually for 2000 years. There were some awful stories about children miners during the Victorian period, but really interesting all the same.
Then the last bit of the day was motorway heading towards Bath. We are staying in a really lovely self contained place that actually has a fridge, so I can drink my pear cider cold!!
My main job for tonight is to re-pack all the stuff we have acquired and get it to fit better in our bag, cos tomorrow we are getting rid of the car.

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