17 August 2007

Lakes District 2

Today, after picking up supplies at a yummy local bakery and getting my boots water proofed, we did a circuit of the Lakes District. We started off on a road so small it doesn't have a number and goes over Wrynrose and Hard Knot Passes. Neil loved it. Half way over we noticed a Roman Fort. When we reached the other side and stopped at a brew pub we found its a really famous road in the UK and many car and motorcycle clubs go there for runs.
We went for a bit of a look at the Esk to Ravenglass Railway, which is only slightly bigger gauge than the MSTEC's railway. We decided not to go to Muncaster Castle as it was a bit too expensive and would take too long. Then we had lots of driving through Whitehaven and Workington (both beach side tourist towns, full or ugly people) then on to Cockermouth. What an awful name, also it stank, so we re-named it Manure town.
We went the back way into Keswick, to avoid the traffic. Then went to Castlerigg, which is a standing stone circle. Apart from all the people, and the bloody ice cream van, it was great. I'm hoping that i can get some Photoshop skills happening and get all the people out of my pictures.
Dinner at the organic shop in Grasmere, where we had dinner a couple of days ago. Neil liked the Meditoranian pie we had soooo much he made a picture so we can make it when we get home.

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