11 August 2007


Today we slothed around the house. I tried to get the paperwork (including these short diatribes) in order. Then around lunch time we mooched into town so we could be well and truly sure we’d be at Mary King’s close in time for our tour.
unfortunately you couldn’t take pictures of the underground bit, but it was a good thing to see anyway.
After that we hot footed it down to the Spiegel tent to see Bob Downe. This was a great show. It made me think Australian audiences might be a bit crapped a unresponsive
Jack had organized for us (and her friend Kym, a nice girl from New Zealand) some tickets to some stand-up. Jack’s hated it. We thought it was quite funny. The room was awful, about 400°C
Anyway, a few beers and a reasonable evening were had by all.

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